Pavel Abdulov


  • Name: Pavel Abdulov
  • Russia
  • Trades per Day: 12
  • Risk per Trade: $100
  • (based on $10k account)

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About Pavel

Pavel Abdulov, a native of Russia, has been a trader his whole life. From his trading account in MICEX, he earned handsome profits, and gathered sufficient capital for reinvestment purposes in different sectors, but unfortunately, due to certain problems with MICEX-RTS merger in 2011, he stopped trading and that is where he comes into the picture with our ATB team. He opened an account with us a few months after that, and approached us to provide his services as a trader. Pavel is not only good with numbers, but also has a very good knowledge of different markets due to his years of experience as a trader. This enabled him to produce a positive outcome right from the beginning.



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