Leonardo Benamo


  • Name: Leonardo Benamo
  • Spain
  • Trades per Day: 3
  • Risk per Trade: $500 - $1000
  • (based on $10k account)

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About Leonardo

Leonardo Benamo was an expert trader in Bolsa de Valencia, and was very good at his job, but wanted to get away from his hectic work life. After he was introduced to binary options trading, he kept trading on his own for almost two years. When he invested a small sum on our platform, different features of our platform caught his attention, and he requested our team to allow him to work with us. Benamo went through a series of tests, during which he proved his marvelous trading abilities with full confidence. This led us to provide him trainings from time to time, and not once, was he a failure. Instead, he strengthened his position and now manages a portfolio of high risk trades.



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