Kuldeep Levy


  • Name: Kuldeep Levy
  • India
  • Trades per Day: 5
  • Risk per Trade: $50 - $200
  • (based on $10k account)

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About Kuldeep

Kuldeep levy, from India, got his first break as a binary options trading expert, when he was hired as an ATB team member in 2012. He was working as a financial risk manager, when he left his full time job. He started trading binaries when he was searching for another opportunity, and after a few months, he opened a managed account with ATB. His interaction with our trading experts; the way they were managing his investment, and availability of multiple tools to facilitate his trading decisions was what aspired him to utilize his potential as trading expert. He is efficiently rendering his services as part of an ATB team for almost 3 years now.



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