Chris Jennan


  • Name: Chris Jennan
  • South Africa
  • Trades per Day: 8
  • Risk per Trade: $100 - $500
  • (based on $10k account)

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About Chris

Chris Jennan, an outstanding expert on our ATB team, joined our platform a couple of years ago when we were in search of a trader who could not only understand the features of our product, but also use it efficiently with great expertise. He had a long term association with JSE (Johannesburg Stock Exchange) as a broker, and was managing a large portfolio of assets. Jennan went for an early retirement as a broker to start a solo career, which led him to begin binary options trading. Despite the high volatility factor of binary options market, he embraced the challenges, and kept learning new techniques and strategies, which resulted in earning substantial profits. When we were looking for a trading expert, his portfolio stood out from a number of applications we received, and since then, he has successfully been providing his services.



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