Alina Schneider


  • Name: Alina Schneider
  • United States
  • Trades per Day: 10
  • Risk per Trade: $100 - $250
  • (based on $10k account)

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About Alina

Alina Schneider worked in Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) before she joined ATB team in 2013. She had years of experience in dealing with different derivatives, and had also got hands on training for CBOE CommandSM, a state of the art trade engine technology that went live in 2012. Schneider’s started trading binaries along the way, and the idea of binary options trading in a highly volatile environment intrigued her. The probability of earning huge profits increased her flair for binary options trading, and this is when she approached us. We tested her skills, and offered her a position on temporary basis in the beginning. However, with her advanced techniques and reasonable results, she became a permanent member of our team of experts.



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