How AutoTrading Binary Works

Step 1: Register for Free

100% free with no obligations is your "home" where you will log in and manage your AutoTrade accounts with the brokers, manage risk, etc. Don't worry, we will set everything up for you. We just need your basic details.

When you are ready,
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Step 2: Choose AutoTrade Strategy & Risk Profile

A broker representative will call you within 24 hours to do this for you
There are two aspects to your binary autotrade account: STRATEGY and RISK PROFILE.

You have a handful of different strategies to choose from in your Members page. Select the one that you would like to autotrade.

Similarly, you have a RISK PROFILE dropdown where you can select how much of your bankroll you would like to invest per trade. The more you invest, the more you profit ... but, it caries more risk as well.

Again, our broker rep will guide you and you can modify it at any time.

Step 3: Fund Account & Start Trading!

Once you fund your account, you will start to see trades placed automatically in the background - even while you sleep.

You will be able to follow the progress in real-time by logging in to your trading account any time you wish.

You are able to PAUSE or MODIFY the autotrade feature at any time you wish!

Everything is 100% transparent - you see everything happening in real time.

Got Questions? We've got answers!

Check out our FAQ; chances are you are not the only one with the questions you find yourself thinking about. We also encourage you to Contact Us if you need any help at all. Remember, we are a third-party and are not affiliated with any of the brokers we push, so we do not have a bias like the brokers do. Use us to your advantage!

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