How many trades are there per month?

This depends on your risk/reward tolerance and the market conditions. It's different for each risk-profile, but on average it can be 150 - 400 trades per month.

How do I set my risk/reward tolerance for my managed account?

When you create your account, a specialist will contact you to go over your risk/reward preferences. You may choose from 10% - 90%, and naturally the lower the risk, the less aggressively the account will be traded. Higher risk means higher rewards. We have something for you!

What is the minimum investment amount for my account?

You may deposit as little as $200 USD to start trading. For a managed / autotrade account, the minimum investment is $10,000 and we suggest you take advantage of our exclusive promotions for the best value!

Which broker should I use?

We are working on adding more brokers, and we will always provide our honest, unbiased reviews of the brokers that offer Autotrade services. Visit the Available Brokers page to see who we currently recommend.

What kind of money management do you recommend?

We are not financial advisers and thus cannot recommend risking a specific amount of capital. It depends entirely on your goals and your financial situation.

Can I still use my computer and/or trade manually while the Auto-Trader is on?

Yes. You can keep on working or trading on your computer like you would normally do. You will be able to see all results from both manual trades and the auto trades.

Must my computer be on and logged in for the trades to be copied to my account?

No. Regardless of your computer / internet connection status, your account will be traded automatically. There's no piece of software or anything you need to install, it runs on the brokers' servers behind the scenes so you can relax and watch the results!

How do I get started?!

Getting started with any of our recommended brokers is quick & easy. Simply go to the Get Started page and create your broker account. You will be contacted within 24 hours to finalize the process and you'll be trading in no time - automatically!


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