Binary Options Auto Trader

Binary Options Auto Trader is an automated, hands-off trading that allows traders and investors to trade automatically. Actually, the auto trader is not only a robot or software; it’s a complete auto trading package run by experts behind the scene. Although, the robots and algos are used for technical purposes, such as, account management and execution of trades, yet, the actual decisions are taken by the qualified trading experts.

How does Auto Trader Work?

In order to start trading binary options through Auto Traders, you are required to get registered with the brokers by opening an account and signing up for their services. Once a trader signs up to their services online, binary auto traders send regular signals of asset prices. These signals are sent to clients or subscribers through different mediums, including Skype, SMS, or emails, on the basis of services offered by the Binary Auto Traders. In case of ATB, signals are currently sent via email only. The signals are usually for a certain period of time, for example, there can be a time limit of 30 minutes or 1 hour, etc., during which the price of USD/JPY currency pair will go up or down.

Secondly, Binary Auto Traders also trade on behalf of the clients and subscribers. This is a very attractive feature for clients, who do not have enough time to trade on their own and meet their financial targets. Although, traders can do manual trading at any given time by receiving the signals of asset prices, yet, they have a choice to let a binary auto trader trade on their behalf. The binary auto traders usually trade according to the parameters defined by the clients, for example, the ATB clients choose from one of the three risk/reward profiles, and the binary auto traders place the trade on their behalf according to that profile.

Auto Trader Features

There are different kinds of services provided by binary auto traders, including, news and updates, performance reviews, auto trading strategies, daily signal services, list of brokers available on their platform, etc.

For example, if you look at ATB, it  offers different features to the binary options traders, such as, daily updates, performance review through graphs and charts, risk and reward profile, 100 percent risk controlled trading, signal service via email, 1 on 1 training with the trading professionals, managed accounts, personal manager, e-books, demo accounts, online trading courses, outstanding customer services and many other online trading services.


Save Time – No one can deny the benefits of Binary Auto Traders. First of all, as already discussed, it is beneficial for those traders who do not have enough time to trade in order to meet their financial targets, as it saves time. You do not have to trade yourself if you don’t have time, a trading expert trade on your behalf. It means there is no need for you to keep track of the daily market predictions, performance reports, and other such information that is necessary to take trading decisions.

Earn Profit without investing any Time – It provides you an opportunity to earn substantial profits without investing any time, because expert traders play the market on your behalf.

Complete Control of the Investment – Despite the trades being executed by trading experts, traders do not lose the control of the investment, in fact, they exercise full control of the money they invest in the market. They define the parameters of the trade, and then the trading experts execute the trades according to that criteria.

Trading in a Paperless Environment – When you sign up on an automated trading platform, the best part about it is that it offers you a paperless environment, and all the trading is executed and managed online. The experienced trading professionals manage the accounts and execute trades on your behalf.

No Missed Chances – In a manual binary options trading, you have to keep track of the changing trends, and daily predictions. You can miss the opportunity to earn potential profits if you miss the signals. However, in case of Binary Auto Trader, an experienced professional place trades on your behalf, so you do not have to worry about the missed chances anymore. The experts stay in touch with the market all the time as a part of their job, and have their complete focus on the trades, so it increases the probability to avail all the chances of having a winning trade.

Benefiting from the Knowledge of Trading Experts – The trading experts are professional traders with years of experience in trading. They understand the market and can assess the trends efficiently. By signing up for Binary Auto Traders services, you get a chance to benefit from the knowledge of trading experts as they are the ones who are trading your investment in a binary options market.

Stress-free Trading – When you trade binary options manually, there is always an element of stress involved in it, because you have to make quick decisions in order to place your trades. But, with auto trader services, you get to enjoy a stress free trading environment as you will not be taking any decisions based on emotions. Instead, the trading will be done on pre-defined parameters after assessing the market signals and movement of the asset price.

Winning Ratios

Winning ratio varies from one binary auto trader to another, and it solely depends on how they perform. Auto traders with the average success rate usually do not display their weekly or daily trading results, which compromises the transparency and traders do not get to see the true picture of the auto traders’ performance. However, there are some Binary Auto Traders, like the ATB, where you get a complete picture of the trading performance on a daily basis. It enables the ATB traders to review the outcome regularly, which helps them take a reasonable trading decision based on facts and figures.

ATB believes in providing honest information to its clients. Therefore, they adhere to the principle of integrity and offer transparency to the traders by posting the daily performance updates of their trading result in a performance section on their website. A trader can quickly review the daily performance and can take his decision without any delays, which makes it possible for him to grab the opportunity at the right time. So, whenever you want to trade Binary Auto Traders, make sure they provide all the necessary tools and information that are crucial for successful trading.

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