Binary Hands-Off Trading

With the passage of time, new and innovative ways of trading have been introduced in the market to facilitate traders, so that they can trade with ease. This is the reason why binary options trading is very popular as it offers a potential to earn high profits, and a trading period can be as short as 60 seconds. Moreover, you can trade even when you are not using your computer. Binary options auto trading accounts have a hands-off trading feature that allows traders to trade without participating in a trading activity. This can be done with the help of Binary Robots, Managed Accounts, Hybrid Accounts and Fund Managers.

Binary Robots

Binary robots are very useful tools for new as well as experienced traders. Traders just need to define the rules in algorithmic form. For example, you can choose the assets and define a level of risk, and the robots place trades on their behalf based on these rules. You do not have to sit and look at the computer screen once you set up all the rules. The robots observe the market, and as soon as they get the signals, they trade according to the defined parameters.

The binary robots save a lot of time for experienced traders, because they decrease the amount of time required to carry out technical analysis. However, it is important for you to monitor your system from time to time, because it is after all a system, and is prone to technical errors. But all in all, binary robots improve the trade efficiency and cover different markets simultaneously without human intervention, and do not miss any opportunity, which a trader can sometimes miss out on.

Managed Accounts

Managed account, as the name suggests, is managed by expert traders on behalf of the traders. The brokers on the list of ATB also offers this feature to traders who do not have time to observe the market and trade. In a managed account, a trader gets to choose a risk profile that matches his financial goals, and then the expert trader trades on his behalf. It also offers other prominent features like daily signal service, one on one training sessions with the experts, e-courses, personal broker, and a certain number of free trades every month.

Once you sign up for a managed account, you can choose from a range of the tolerance level. Note that the chances of reward will maximize as you go higher, and it will minimize if the level of tolerance is lower.

Hybrid Accounts

Hybrid accounts are semi-automated binary options accounts, where a trader gets an automated software and a complete package of training material along with other features offered by different brokers. It enables a trader to increase the potential to earn a profit as they do not have to trade themselves. They can define the strategies in the system and the system trade on their behalf.

Fund Managers

Last but not the least is a fund manager. A fund manager works the same way as managed accounts. Traders who do not have enough time to manage their funds, usually take the services of fund managers. These managers create a risk profile on behalf of their traders keeping in mind their financial goals, and then trade in the market accordingly. It is very beneficial for traders, as they get to enjoy the services of experienced traders and can enjoy profits without any stress of observing the market all day long.


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