Binary Auto Trader Vs. Binary Options Robots

With the rapid growth of the binary options market due to its quick money making feature, there is high demand for expert services provided by binary auto traders and binary option robots. Although, traders can trade automatically by using these two services, yet, they are different from each other in many aspects.

Stress free trading – When a binary auto trader or binary option robots trade on your behalf, the best part is that you get to trade your money in a stress free trading zone. But, this is where the difference lies. In case of robots, the trades are automatically executed by the system without any involvement of expert individuals. Although, it reduces the effect of emotional decisions, yet, placing a trade without taking a decision based on the market trends can cause traders to lose all their money and increases the stress level for them. Binary auto traders, on the other hand, provide a complete set of binary systems as well as expert services for trade execution, and management of account, which eventually does provide a stress free trading platform for traders.

Control – The binary options robot has a complete control of placing the trades, which eliminate the element of emotional trading decision, but sometimes, it can also compromise the position of a trader and put the investment at risk. On the other hand, when you utilize the expert services of a binary auto trader, the ultimate control lies with the traders and investors. They can define the parameters and rules of the trade, and expert traders simply place the trades according to those rules.

Monitoring the trades – Trading with the binary options auto robot does not require you to sit in front of the computer all the time, you can simply set the parameters and the system will automatically trade throughout the day. However, you cannot deny the fact that binary options robot is in fact a system, which is exposed to all kinds of mechanical errors, due to which the robots may fail to execute the trades properly, or end up having lost trades. But, when a binary auto trader places a trade on your behalf, the trade is completely monitored from beginning till the time it is executed and produces results, because experts are always working on your behalf behind the scene. So, all your trades are continually monitored.

Services – Since the trades are automatically placed by the binary auto robots, the advanced features of these robots are mostly limited to tips, market analysis, and providing signals. However, binary auto traders provide a large range of services, such as, news and updates, e-books, managed accounts, online courses for binary options trading, one on one training with the professional traders, and many other online binary options trading services.

Defining Parameters – The parameters are defined in both cases. However, when the traders define the parameters to increase the accuracy of robots, they sometimes end up adding too many rules, which results in over optimization. This is because the market keeps changing and history does not always repeat the same way. Over optimization causes complexity, which can result in system failure in the future. Whereas, in case of binary auto traders, the account is managed by trading experts, and they use their expertise and knowledge before placing a trade. They only define the required parameters based on the market trends and asset price signals and keep the binary options trading simple.

Applying strategies – The binary options robots use pre-defined strategies that are coded into the system, and the trades are then executed based on these strategies. If you do not have detailed knowledge of the strategies and do not know how to apply them, you may end up applying the wrong strategy in the wrong period, which will eventually result in losing all the money. However, you are in a better position when binary auto traders place the trades on your behalf, because experts have detailed knowledge and years of experience, and know when to apply the strategies or a combination of strategies to have successful results.

So, all in all, binary option robots do have good features and advantages, but if you are looking for a long term and successful trading platform, then binary auto traders will provide you a more reasonable and reliable place to start, as it allows you to make money without risking your investment, and also allows you to have complete control over your money at the same time.

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