September 2015 Recap for Ken Ruffola

September 2015 Recap for Ken Ruffola

Joe-Fisherman-minKen Ruffola is performing consistently well. He traded brilliantly in the month of September, as he managed to secure a net profit of $8,353.29. As the time went by, his performance kept getting better and better over the weeks. Following is a summary of the trades he executed last month.


Equity Curve

The equity curve showed positive movement right from the start of the month. There were only few days where the trading graph moved downwards, but Ken's overall performance was remarkable.

Ken Ruffola Trade Performance (2)


Trades Vs Winning Percentage

Looking at Ken’s trading chart for the month of September; we see 77% of the trades he placed turned out as successful. Out of a total of 173 trades he opened, 134 were the winning trades. His portfolio consisted of medium risk trades with a minimum trade size of $100 and the maximum trade size of $300. The payout for these trades was between $160 and $510.

 Ken Ruffola Trade Performance (3)

Return on Investment

The investment at the start of the month was $10,000, and by the end of the month, the overall amount increased to about 18,353.29, giving a return of approximately 80%.

In the second week of September, the equity curve rapidly increased from $10,500 and touched almost $15,000 by the mid of the month. It was at its maximum of $18,502 by September 28, before it eventually settled down at $18,353.29.

Trading Portfolio

The majority of the trades in Ken’s portfolio were currency pair trades, with a few trades in GOLD, CORN and GOLD/EUR. Apart from one GOLD/EUR trade, the remaining CORN, GOLD and GOLD/EUR trades were successful and earned the payout between $160 and $306.01 respectively.

The overall trading performance of Ken Ruffola was outstanding throughout the month, which can also be seen from his equity curve that kept trending upward. He will continue with the same portfolio in the month of October as well, using his effective trading approach and efficient decision making skills.

Ken Ruffola Trade Performance (4)


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