October 2015 Recap for Kuldeep Levy

October 2015 Recap for Kuldeep Levy

October 2015 Recap for Kuldeep Levy

Kuldeep Levy has performed really well throughout the month of October, as he reached an overall net profit figure of $3,723.14 by the end of the month. If we look at his trading results, his performance was very consistent during October, and the results kept improving as the weeks went by. Let’s take a look at Kuldeep’s performance in the previous month.

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Trades vs. Success Rate

During the whole month, Kuldeep placed a total of 149 trades, and 111 out of those trades turned out to be the winning trades. If you look at the bar chart, you can see that the outcome on a daily basis was reasonably stable, with more wins as compared to the losses. The payout varied between $80 and $340 on the trade size that kept moving between $50 and $200 respectively. The trading portfolio managed by him consisted of low and medium risk trades.

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Net Profit Percentage of ROI

In October, Kuldeep started with the account balance of $10,000 and as the month ended, the balance increased by 36%, reaching $13,723.14 on the last day of the month.

After the first five days of the month, equity curve gradually began to move in an upward direction after a brief decline in the overall trading outcome, and then it kept on increasing smoothly without any downward trend throughout the month.

Trading Portfolio

Kuldeep’s trading portfolio had a mix of assets. However, most of the trades were currency pairs, with the majority of the trades in BITCOIN/EUR. Apart from currency pairs, the portfolio also included, ASX, ASX FUTURE, TEL AVIV 25, MAZDA VS TOSHIBA, GOLD and DUBAI.

From the above trading results, we can say that Kuldeep performed well throughout the month. Kuldeep practices precision in his trading approach, and has unique analytical skill-set, which allows him to efficiently manage the trading portfolio. He will keep trading on behalf of ATB users in the month of November with a subtle trading approach.

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  1. Jessi Jaswal
    November 4, 2015 at 20:03

    Now this gives a clear idea of what he has done in the past month. I was trying to combine all his weekly recaps to see how good he has performed overall. Thanks for solving this maths in one post.

  2. Morrison
    November 5, 2015 at 05:11

    Though I already have invested in Kuldeep's, I would love to invest in more experts if you add couple more brokers to your platform to make it more optional for us.

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