Leonardo Benamo: Featured Trader August 2016

Leonardo Benamo: Featured Trader August 2016

Leonardo Benamo: Featured Trader August 2016

Leonardo Benamo is back as the featured trader for August 2016. Benamo was selected as a featured trader in the month of November 2015, where he earned 50% ROI in first three weeks. His stats can be accessed from the following link.


July-2016 Performance Overview

leonardo benamo july trades performance graph

leonardo benamo july trades performance chart

leonardo benamo july trades record

If we look at the July performance, we see mouth-watering results from Leonardo Benamo. With the base amount of $10,000, Benamo managed an ROI of $7,451.96. 26 out of 33 winning trades make the overall 78% winning results.

Risk Level

Benamo has not changed his trading strategy and continues with high risk/reward technique. The average risk per trade is $500 to $1000, with a maximum of three trades per day. Investors are advised to invest in Leonardo’s portfolio only if they are willing to follow high-risk strategy (with higher rewards for sure). Benamo’s portfolio never went down from the base amount, which is a proof of his great trading skills. Let’s see in coming weeks, how he performs in August 2016.

Leonardo Benamo's Current Promotion - 20 Clients Only

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If you are interested or have any questions, get in touch with us.

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