January 2016 Recap for Daniel Martin

January 2016 Recap for Daniel Martin

January 2016 Recap for Daniel Martin

Daniel Martin has provided a reasonable performance throughout the month in January. With a medium risk trading profile, he managed to secure an outstanding trading result, i.e., 54%, by the end of the month, as the total account balance reached $15,444.27. If you look at the equity curve, it gradually moved upward with slight variations during the month. Following is an overview of his trading performance in the month of January:

Daniel Martin trades graph


Trades vs. Success Rate

There was a total of 73 trades placed by him and 62 of these trades were successful as the month ended, securing an overall trading result of 85%. If you observe the bar chart, you can see that there were days, when there were no losing trades. The payout on the trades kept varying between $160 and $875 on the trade size between $100 and $500 respectively, as most of the trades provided outcome within a period of 1 hour from the time they were executed.

Daniel Martin bar chart

Net Profit Percentage of ROI

He opened with the initial deposit value of $10,000, and by the end of the month, the account balance reached $15,444.27, giving a net profit of $5,444.27 and a Return on Investment of 54%. The equity curve was gradually increasing in the beginning, but after the first half of the month, the curve rapidly moved upward. It was $14,027.78 by January 18 and reached $15,317.78 by January 22, after which, a small decline was observed. The account balance again increased and reached a maximum of $15,444.78 by the end of the month.

As it can be seen from the trading result, Martin has carefully placed the trades after analyzing the market trends and has performed brilliantly throughout the month, as a result of which, the overall account balance increased by 50 percent.

Trading Portfolio

The majority of the trades were currency pair trades, including AUD/JPY, AUD/USD, EUR/JPY, EUR/USD, NZD/USD and USD/JPY. There were BITCOIN (bitstamp) and ANZ BANK trades as well.

Only a few variations were observed throughout the month. All the trading weeks went very smoothly as Martin performed really well on a day to day basis. He plans to continue trading with the same risk level in the month of February and intends to maintain the same percentage of the outcome by applying necessary tools and strategies.

Daniel Martin trades analysis

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