Featured Trader February 2016: Philip Peralta

Featured Trader February 2016: Philip Peralta

Featured Trader February 2016: Philip Peralta

Philip Peralta, with ton of experience working as a broker on the Canadian Securities Exchange, joined ATB platform four years ago. He is going to be our featured trader in the month of February this year. Philip follows a high risk trading approach. In the month of January, all of his trades had a trade size of $500. He has performed really well over the years, as he used a number of strategies to tackle the market trends and produce favorable trading results. He strives to limit the losses by employing different tools on a timely basis.

Philip Peralta trades january 2016

In January, 76 trades turned out to be successful out of a total of 96 trades placed by Philip. He started off with an investment of $10,000 and by the end of the month; account balance increased three times the original balance and reached $29,035. There were a few days when he performed so well that he didn’t experience any losing trades. His equity curve smoothly moved upward with mild fluctuations a couple of times. Let’s see how he performs in February 2016.

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