December 2015 Recap for Pavel Abdulov

December 2015 Recap for Pavel Abdulov

December 2015 Recap for Pavel Abdulov

Pavel Abdulov has performed really well throughout the month of December this year. The equity curve kept moving in an upward direction with slight variations on a day to day basis. Since he follows a moderate risk approach, all of the trades were medium risk trades. Despite trading the medium risk trades, he managed to reach a maximum of $13,971.23 during the month. Given below is a brief summary of his trading performance.

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Trades vs. Success Rate

Out of a total of 136 trades, 99 turned out to be the winning trades by the end of the month. If you look at the pie chart, you can see that almost 75% of the area is green, showing the percentage of winning trades, and only 25% represents the losing trades. There have been days when Abdulov secured 100 percent trading result as well.

The payout of all the trades, he placed in the month of December, ranged between $160 and $350 on the trade size that varied between $100 and $200.

Pavel Abdulov trades


Net Profit Percentage of ROI

He started with an initial amount of $10,000, and by the 29th of December, it reached $13,846.23, giving a net profit of $3,846.23 and an ROI of approximately 40%. The equity curve surged sharply and touched almost $12,000 during the second week between December 4 and December 9, and from then onwards, it gradually moved upward with only mild fluctuations. There were days when unusual trends were also observed in the market, but Abdulov efficiently analyzed the market trends, and traded accordingly, as a result of which, the results were very reasonable throughout the period.

Trading Portfolio

The trading portfolio consisted of a mix of assets, including ASX, AUD/JPY, AUD/USD, BHP-AU, Bitcoin (bitstamp), EUR/AUD, EUR/JPY, EUR/USD, NIKKEI 225, NZD/USD, TEL AVIV 25, USD/CHF and USD/JPY.

Despite the unusual market fluctuation that were observed during the month, the overall trading performance of Pavel Abdulov was quite reasonable. Although, he traded the medium risk trades, yet, the overall profit percentage of 40 percent is quite an achievement, because the outcome is relatively lower in case of medium risk profiles. He intends to raise the bar in the month of January, and plans to exceed the current ROI of 40% by using different tools and a mix of strategies.

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