Auto Trading Results 11/06/2015

Auto Trading Results 11/06/2015

The week couldn’t end up on a better note than this, as we got 100 percent trading result on our ATB platform today. All the trades were currency pair trades, with the exception of one trade, in TOPIX 100, which earned a payout of $175 on a trade size of $100. The majority of the trades were in BITCOIN/EUR. The outcome was between $168 and $425 on the investment that ranged between $100 and $250 respectively. All in all, the week turned out to be a complete success for investors, who used our ATB platform, as we got very reasonable result throughout the week.

11-06-2015 trades


  1. Ed
    November 12, 2015 at 06:05

    Well looks like a very good day.

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