Simon Taylor’s House Dream

Simon Taylor’s House Dream

Simon Taylor’s House Dream

SimonSimon Taylor was an average earning person who had the dream of buying his own house. By making some savings from the job, Simon was able to mortgage a house. A time came when the economic prosperity of Simon changed into adversity and things started to fall apart for him. He could not afford to pay mortgage.

I lost my dream when I had to give up my home because of not being able to pay mortgage, it was like giving up a part of life. After that it was all despair all around for me.

Luckily for Simon, he had few friends who were a part of ATB and were earning good money from it. They referred Simon to ATB to give it a try.

“After my friends told me about ATB, I became curious and started researching about it. I read different feedbacks, the process of trading, the success ratio and the returns. After being totally satisfied, I finally invested in the trade and to this day I am proud of my decision.”

With the income from ATB, Simon leased a new house and with the same income he has been paying the mortgage easily whilst continuing his old job.




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