Seldon Bacon is a Satisfied ATB Customer

Seldon Bacon is a Satisfied ATB Customer

Seldon Bacon started trading on our platform with the initial investment of $5000 and within 10 days of trading, his account balance increased by 51 percent. This is the first time that he has got such great results in binaries.

"I made an entry in the binary options market in 2014.

I never ever thought that I’ll be able to accomplish results, which I got here on ATB platform.

Due to the high volatility factor, this market demands a careful watch, and active participation, but I, being a tax consultant, have a full time job and didn’t have enough time to concentrate full time. Though, I have been trading in the traditional market for quite some time, yet, trading binaries is another story altogether."

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Bacon is basically from South Africa, and has been a trader for almost 1.5 years. He started binary options trading in the beginning of 2014, but was not regularly trading; as a result, his profits were minimal as compared to the losses. The idea of investing small amounts intrigued him and he kept trading from time to time. He further said that he was a bit disappointed, because the results were never the way as promised by other platforms.

“Just like my previous experience on other platforms, I’ve suffered losses on this platform as well. But the overall outcome was something I hadn’t expected. My account balance increased to $7546.88 within a few days from the initial balance of $5000. I could choose from a set of strategies, and also from a range of assets that are available on my account. It allowed me exercising a fair degree of control. The best part was the assistance provided by the trading experts, who helped me pick a risk profile that was suitable to achieve my financial targets successfully.”

Bacon’s portfolio consisted mainly of currency pairs, Gold, IBM, Bitcoin, Gold/EUR, Oil, Apple, and Dow, and 71 percent of these trades were in EUR/USD, USD/JPY, AUD/USD, GOLD, and GBP/USD. The payout on these trades varied between $131.26 and $277.51 on the trade size that ranged between $75 and $150 respectively, and the majority of the trades provided result within a period of 60 seconds and 5 minutes from the time they were executed. Bacon is satisfied with his trading result on this platform, and intends to keep investing in the future, as he believes, it has provided him a head start.

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