Michael Vaughn Starts With Mix Approach

Michael Vaughn Starts With Mix Approach

We have come back with another success story of one of our traders, Michael Vaughn, who has been trading binaries for over a year now. He recently joined ATB platform with an initial investment of $8000, and in a period of only one week, his account balance has reached $11,287.79. He’s a financial consultant by profession, and has been trading in the currency market since 2011. This is the reason why his portfolio majorly consists of currency pairs.

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Being new in the binary options market, Vaughn preferred to follow a moderate approach, and selected medium risk profile. Yet, in such a short period of time, he secured 80% trading result. 70% of the trades were in EUR/USD, AUD/USD, and USD/JPY, but his portfolio also included GOLD, SILVER, BITCOIN (bitstamp), TEL AVIV 25 and GOLD/EUR.

I’m a financial consultant for past 7 years, and my profession has taught me to be disciplined. When I started trading back in 2011, I applied the same approach in trading by carefully analyzing the market, following trends and market news, and most of all, devising an effective trading plan. It worked for me, it always did.

"Even with binary options trading, I followed a disciplined approach, and managed to achieve quite reasonable results. Although, I had my fair share of loss in the beginning, but it’s worth it if you learn from it. In the past few months, I learned about different techniques and tools that I can use in binary options trading, which improved my trading skills. And I believe, this is the reason why I managed to secure reasonable profits on this platform in just a few days."

Vaughn earned a minimum payout of $77.51 and the maximum payout of $905.01 on a trade size that ranged between $50 and $500. Although, there were days when he had quite a few losing trades, but he showed patience, and got a very reasonable result by the end of the day.

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  1. Rubal
    March 27, 2015 at 15:57

    You guys are doing really well.

  2. Mosaic
    March 27, 2015 at 16:20

    Are these accounts managed by the same people who manage daily results for ATB? or these are managed by specific experts? Do we have a choice in selecting the account managers?

  3. Xptrade
    March 27, 2015 at 17:02

    I have a request. If ATB can post about the experts behind these successful trading strategies and give an option to select the experts while creating account.

  4. Mushi
    March 27, 2015 at 18:03

    How I can start here?

    • Halden Adil
      March 27, 2015 at 18:12

      Please create a free account at ATB and you will be contacted by one of account managers.

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