Mark Toiler Aims For $200K With Low Risk Strategy

Mark Toiler Aims For $200K With Low Risk Strategy

We are back with another story of trader, Mark Toiler, who  started with $100,000 investment, with aim of making it double with low risk trading strategy. To test the system, Toiler decided to go with very Low Risk Trades, with maximum risk percentage of 0.5% on each trade. He preferred to follow a low risk approach with such a huge amount of investment in order to avoid heavy losses. To further secure his investment, he opted for a maximum of 15 trades per day, and kept his risk to a minimum. Despite keeping his risk to the lowest level, Toiler managed to get 82% winning results in a period of just 9 days.

Mark Toiler Trade Account


Most of Toiler’s trades provided result within a period of just sixty seconds, 2 minutes and 5 minutes. He got a payout of $170 and $905, on each trade of $100 and $500. The majority of his trades were in currency pairs, especially in EUR/USD and USD/JPY. Apart from currency pairs, he had trades in stock and commodities.

Toiler had quite a few losing trades initially, but he kept trading and eventually, ended up getting outstanding results in just a few days. In fact, he followed right approach unlike many others, who stop trading if they suffer initial loss, without correctly analyzing the market trends, and end up earning small or no profits.

Mark Toiler’s consistent trading approach not only gave him the market exposure and experience, but also generated amazing results, which increased his confidence level.

I was excited and worried at the same time. I took a huge risk by investing six figures amount in binary. But today I am proud of my decision. This system works like money printing machine

The outstanding trading results forced Toiler to think about high risk trades. He plans to mix up his trading strategies because he believes that with the right trading plan and strategies in place, one can achieve the desired results.

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  1. Haran Reid
    February 20, 2015 at 19:04

    Hi would like to sign up with you on binary options I see you guys do the trading and monitor the account ,what brokers do you use had my share of non paying brokers

    • Halden Adil
      February 21, 2015 at 15:57

      Hi Haran Reid. You are most welcome. Currently we are working with only one broker (CiTrades).

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