Marius Jennin High Risk Trade Results Revealed

Marius Jennin High Risk Trade Results Revealed

We shared a success story of Marius Jennin in our last publication. She managed to double her account balance in a very short period of time with Low Risk trades, using our AutoTradingBinary system, and decided to go for more risky trades after consulting with ATB experts. Today, just like we promised, we are sharing her high risk trades results.

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After gaining some experience in binary options trading with low risk trades and having reasonable profits in a short time, Jennin started placing high risk trades under ATB experts. Although majority of her trades were in currency pairs, she did not bound herself with one type of strategy. She also invested in Google, Exxon Mobil, Apple, CITIGROUP, Bitcoin, Disney, MasterCard, Alibaba, EBay, Tel Aviv 25, Goldman Sachs, Dow, Oil, Gold, and Silver.

She suffered some losses due to unusual trends in the past few days, but the percentage of her winning trades was far more than the lost trades. Out of 100 high risk trades, she got 79% winning results. The minimum payout for her trades was $77.51 over an investment of $50. The maximum return over her investment was $1,850 on an investment of $1,000 in a single trade.

Jennin follows a steady approach when it comes to binary options trading, because she believes that consistent trading allows a trader to earn substantial profits. With the help of ATB experts, and after consistently monitoring the progress of her trading account, her account balance reached $10,228.96 in just 4 weeks. Jennin says

AutoTradingBinary has provided me a platform to learn and experience more and more about binary options market every day with different trading strategies.

This is just a beginning for her. She is hopeful to make lot of money with binary options auto trading at ATB platform. For more success stories, keep visiting our website as we shall provide you a detailed insight of our auto trading results of different ATB traders.

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  1. Prakati
    March 31, 2015 at 05:16

    JeremiahThat's a unique story. I often hear plopee are forced to stop trading due to simple loss of money, but don't often hear that lack of time is the issue. I guess when you're really into it and are an expert in the industry then regular loss of money is not so much an issue

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