John Ethan Finally Crossed 10K Mark

John Ethan Finally Crossed 10K Mark

John Ethan Finally Crossed 10K Mark


John Ethan from U.K has enjoyed a real success in Binary Option trading after struggling hard for more than a year. During all this period, he had been trying trading independently before he learnt about Auto Trading Binary from one of his friends.

I really found it very hard to make reasonable amount of money in the start. I did enjoy some instances of success but they were few and far between. As a whole, all my efforts were going in vein.

John had to go through a period of turmoil for almost twelve months. He failed consistently regardless of any strategy he employed.

"Instead of making money, I was quickly losing whatever I had in my account and at one stage, I thought of denouncing Binary Options forever ... Luckily enough a friend of mine told me about and after some research I decided to stop working alone and invested some money in order to increase my profits through passive income without working so hard. I never crossed the figure of 5K in my trading career, but now it has crossed 10K and it’s increasing."

Since then, we have helped John to become the most prolific trader by a long way employing different auto trading levels according to his risk profile and this is just the start of a long journey.

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  1. xxTraderXX
    December 6, 2013 at 17:20

    Let me be first to congratulate you on your successes. I am also looking at joining, just saving up some more capital so I can start with $25,000. If you have any tips, please contact me!

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