Ailsa Young Finds the Direction

Ailsa Young Finds the Direction

We have got another success story of a real estate agent from Scotland, Ailsa Young, who is also involved in trading for almost 4 years. Two years back, she started trading binaries, and experienced ups and downs in the market. A week ago, she signed up with ATB with an account balance of $5000, and now her balance reached to $8,489.

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“I started binary options trading in 2013. Sometimes, the results were exceptional, but often times, I suffered great loss, which eventually exhausted all the profits I earned. Although, I have had winning trades a lot of times, but the overall outcome never improved and I didn’t know why."

After signing up with ATB, I am surprised to have increased my account balance by 41 percent.

"Although, I have experienced good profits in the past followed by bad results, this time, however, I knew what I was doing, and the main decision was under my control. Though, I still have to continuously monitor my progress, because binary options trading calls for constant learning in order to efficiently tackle the changing market conditions, at least, now I know the direction in which I have to move.”

74 percent of her portfolio consisted of EUR/USD, AUD/USD and USD/JPY, and there were other assets as well, including OIL, Bitcoin, GOLD, EUR/AUD, AUD/JPY, USD/CHF, GBP/USD, and NZD/USD. The payout was between $77.51 and $266.05 on the trade size that ranged between $50 and $147.58 respectively.

“The only thing I believe I failed to do is planning. I was told that I don’t have to learn anything to trade binaries as it can be learned by following just a few steps, and so, I kept following that approach. But eventually, I realized that there are multiple tools and strategies that can be used to improve the trading results and to efficiently execute those steps. I must say, my ATB experience proved to be very useful as it taught me the art of using the tools correctly and at the right time. The binary options market is highly volatile, and to be able to use the strategies wisely, you have to keep in mind the timings and trends.”

Based on her previous experience, she doesn’t want to rush anymore, and so, she’ll invest a small amount and use a medium risk profile until she develops a clear understanding of using the strategies effectively. She believes that traders should trade binaries only if they understand the market and know how to control their decisions; otherwise, it is difficult to have an investment growth.

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