Account Types

We offer two different account types for our members to choose from for their hands-free autotrade experience: ROBOT autotrade account and MANAGED autotrade account. While both of these account types offer a completely hands-free solution for profitable trading, there are some key differences to consider when making your choice. 

ROBOT AutoTrade Accounts

Robot Accounts with AutoTradingBinary are systematically programmed "machines" based on many years of statistical analysis by our experts. Using technical analysis and charting techniques, different patterns can be recognized objectively. When a pattern forms itself in any market, it presents a trading opportunity with heightened reliability. Some patterns are up to 95% predictable, which means huge likelihood of profits when they occur.

There is no human intervention on ROBOT strategy accounts because our systems automatically recognize such opportunities and place the trades in your trading account at a very precise time and price. 

We currently offer 23 ROBOT strateegies that can be traded on your account. 

MANAGED AutoTrade Accounts

The other type of autotrade account we offer is a MANAGED account, which involves one of our 12 professional traders physically managing your account. Our experts each specialize in a different market/timeframe of trading and, depending on your risk & reward personality, they will trade your account very subjectively. Combined, our pro traders have over 110 years of experience trading, so you will always know you are in good hands.

Unlike Robot accounts, MANAGED accounts rely 100% on human intervention to place each and every trade. These trades may be placed based on pattern recognition (like Robot accounts), but they may also be based on inside-information or fundamental data that systematic robots may not be able to recognize. Because of this combo, Managed accounts offer a more dynamic and powerful approach to trading binary options, completely hands-free. 

We currently have 12 professional traders managing accounts for our members.


Which Account Type is Right For You?

Personal Account Manager Yes Yes
Risk-Free Intro Up to 5 Trades Up to 25 Trades
Traded By... Programmed Robots Pro Traders (manual)
Trades per Day 4 - 50  10 - 25
Overall Success Rate 60% - 84% 65% - 88%
Total Strategies / Traders 23 Strategies 12 Pro Traders
Minimum Investment Amount $500 USD $3,000 USD
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